The biggest trick that the devil pulled is that he convinced people he didn’t exist. Diamond merchants pulled a greater trick in the 1900s. Diamond was never equated to proposals before that time period. But mine owners and diamond merchants completely changed the landscape of marriage proposals by equating love with diamonds. Love is one of the strongest emotions that people equate to; it is a gush of joy that people want to feel at some point in life. A marketing campaign like no other was rolled out, and its effects are seen to this day. Have you ever sat back and wondered why people propose with a diamond ring and not say a jade necklace? Well, we have got the answer for you.

Unlike what people tend to believe; diamond is quite abundantly found when compared to other gemstones. Diamond is never too costly, but it is priced at a premium range. If diamond merchants flooded the markets with diamond post its discovery then neither would diamond be equated with such a high value nor would it be in such high demand. There are a number of facets to go over when it comes to why the diamond has so many emotional attachments present around it. The first most important decision that was taken was to make sure that the market always presented a demand for diamonds; as long as the demand existed, the merchants had more than enough diamonds to ensure that a supply line existed.


The second point to be noted was to create a demand, but the question then arose on how to set up demand. The time when the marketing campaign rolled out was when a lot of talk was happening around association and conditioning and how it affected human thinking. Diamond merchants realised that unless a strong association were to be created between diamonds and buyers, the growth would not be sustained. Cue the proposal campaign; the proposal campaign was a huge hit, and to this day people propose to one another by buying the other person a ring with a diamond embedded in it. It was a masterstroke and a decision that has not only influenced diamond sales but one that has dramatically altered jewellery sales altogether. The fact that you don’t go ahead and buy a jade ring is because you have been conditioned to equate marriage proposal with diamonds. At the end of the day, the true winners are those who still control public opinion on how we should proclaim love.