Ever wondered where Diamonds came from? Almost every day, we see people wear Diamonds because it is one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Diamonds are worn in form of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and much more.

A fact you should know is that they come from the Greek word and they are surprisingly formed from carbon beneath the earth’s crust. Diamonds were first mined in India about 4,000 years ago and the Indians started trading these diamonds as early as the 4th Century BC.

Engagement Rings

Why Diamonds are used as engagement rings? Engagement rings are now taken as a symbol of love and diamonds are mostly used in

fabricating engagement rings.

People believe it signifies Purity, Eternity and Love.

There’s a popular saying that goes “A Diamond is Forever” by the company De Beers. This statement instilled in the minds of people that a diamond is extremely durable and could last forever. It also made people commit to using diamonds for engagements, since marriage is a commitment to last forever. Thus, increased the popularity and sales of diamonds from 1948 to date. As of now, diamonds are one of the most sought-after gemstones on earth.

Diamonds are also referred to as the ‘Stone of Invincibility’ because of it’s hardness. It possess some qualities like Abundance, Perfection, and Illumination.

Although, there are other precious gemstones which are used to make jewels (earrings, necklaces, rings, and others) that are really expensive but maybe not so common. Some of these gemstones are:

  1. Color change or Blue Garnet:

The Garnet is worth millions of dollars per carat as of 2018. These garnets are rare gemstones which some people may prefer over diamonds. Its finest sources are Tanzania and Madagascar.

One of it’s most attracting qualities is the ability to change it’s colors under certain light conditions. The gemstone is most likely to have a blue-green color under fluorescent light and violet red color under incandescent light.

  1. Red Diamonds:

Worth about $2 million to $2.5 million dollars per carat. Of all the colored diamonds, It is tagged the rarest.

Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are quite very expensive because of their rarity. But for those who can’t afford it have the option of modifying natural or synthetic diamonds to red by treating it with other colors. This follows a process of irradiation, followed by annealing or coating. It is still expensive but it beats purchasing the REAL red diamonds.

  1. Rubies:

The word Ruby is gotten from the Latin word Ruber which means red. It is usually known as the July birthstone. The cost of Rubies are primarily determined by the color you want to purchase. Then after colors, of course the clarity, weight and cut just like diamonds. The Red color Ruby is achieved with the addition of chromium element. More Chromium means stronger Red.

One of the most valuable and expensive types of Ruby is the Sunrise Ruby. It is known as the most expensive coloured gemstone and most expensive gemstone apart from diamonds.

Types of Diamonds

As there are various types of gemstones, so also we have different types of diamonds. They include:

Simulated Diamonds: This type of diamonds gives a smaller weight stone and it does not lack hardness. An example of this is the Cubic Zirconia.

We have the Synthetic Diamonds which made by man artificially in the laboratory. Though they can not be compared to the original diamonds, they are still quite expensive.

Blue Diamonds: They were very rare and expensive that only a few jewelers own them. But new methods of producing blue diamonds have been developed over the recent years.

White Diamonds: These are the most common type of diamonds as we know. White diamonds are traditionally used as engagement and wedding rings. It is also the most used type of diamonds for romantic gifts.

Yellow Diamonds: They are also called the canary diamonds. These yellow diamonds are available in different shades of yellow and the more yellow a diamond is, the more expensive it is.

Green Diamonds belongs to one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. They obtain the color green as a result of their exposure to radioactive materials. Green Diamonds usually represent growth and nature.

Champagne Diamonds: Unlike some artificial colored made diamonds, Champagne Diamonds are naturally colored. These diamonds usually have a pale straw color and some a bit darker than that.

Purple Diamonds: The color purple is associated with Royalty. Purple Diamond is a precious and beautiful colored diamond. It’s color symbolizes warmth and romance.

Facts you should know about Diamonds

  1. Diamond comes in different colors, not all are white. Diamonds impurities impart diamonds shades of red, yellow, blue, orange, green and even black. The rarest of the colored diamonds are Vivid blue, pink and green diamonds. Although, Pure Red rubies still remain the rarest gemstones.
  1. Diamonds can be made artificially by diamond stimulants. An example is the cubic zirconia. Although, they can be differentiated from the original diamonds by experts.
  1. Some People think that there are no famous diamonds because they are not rare gemstones. But you should know that there are few famous exceptional diamonds like the Hope diamond (a beautiful blue diamond that weighs over 45 carats) and it’s famous curse, then the 546 Carat Golden jubilee which is the largest diamond ever found.